The Little Red Mixer

Midland, Texas


The Little Red Mixer started suddenly and quite accidentally in the spring of 2017. Owner, Hannah Foreman-Roberts has always had a passion for creating and art. When a fondness for baking and that urge to create collided, TLRM was born. The focus has and always will be on fun, quirky, and creative cakes and sweets that pack a punch both visually and in taste.

 We don't know how you got here but we're sure glad you are.

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A Note From the Baker

This whole experience has been so overwhelming and humbling, and I could not be more grateful for all the love and support that has been shown. I want to give a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has ordered, be it once or ten times, I appreciate each one of you so much! This journey has been abrupt, wild, and fun and I am so excited to have y'all along for the ride!